The industry of tourism and the mediterranean world: two sides of the same coin

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Direction: Eugeni Aguiló


  • Eugeni Aguiló (UIB)
  • Ana Bartolomé (Imagine Tourism Consulting)
  • Gonçal López (UIB)
  • Francesc Maturana (UIB)
  • Carolina Navarro (UIB)
  • Teresa Palmer (UIB)
  • Jaume Rosselló (UIB) 

Dates: from 19 to 23 July, 2010; 9.30 to 14 h. Sa Riera Building. C/ de Miquel dels Sants Oliver, 2 . Palma


Since the mid 20th century, tourism has become a major economic phenomenon, taking on a truly industrial facet. Within this process, the Mediterranean represents the paradigm of mass tourism development, to the extent that it is hard to separate this economic and cultural activity from the geographical context where, in fact, it was born. In this course we shall deal with several aspects of this clear association, such as its history, explanatory factors and main components, as well as the challenges in the face of an uncertain future. We shall also examine the policies that could be adopted by these Mediterranean destinations in order to continue being competitive.

The course will focus on four main points:

1) Expound the main tourist flows in the Mediterranean as well as put forward certain predictions for the near future

2) Analyse the characteristics of mature sun and beach destinations

3) Offer the development possibilities of new tourist products

4) Present environmental policies capable of providing sustainability to destinations in the area.


Work material directly related with the subject matter shall be handed out in the classes, as well as some bibliographic orientation on the issue.

The course shall be taught in English.


Monday 19

  • 9.15. Presentation: Eugeni Aguiló (UIB)
  • 9.30. Tourism as an economical resource of Mediterranean societies. Gonçal López (UIB)
  • 11.30 Problems of mature tourism destinations in the Mediterranean. Eugeni Aguiló (UIB)

Tuesday 20

  • 9.30-13.30 International tourist movements. The evolution of Mediterranean destinations. Jaume Rosselló (UIB)

Wednesday 21

  • 9.30-13.30 Problems of the air transport sector in Europe and the Mediterranean. Frascesc Maturana (UIB)

Thursday 22

  • 9.30-13.30 The Mediterranean as a main destination of cruise tourism. Ana Bartolomé (Imagine Tourism Consulting)

Friday 23

  • 9.30-11.30 Tourism Promotion. Carolina Navarro (UIB)
  • 11.30-13.30 Environmental policies in tourism. Teresa Palmer (UIB)